Shed Foundation

With all the work I need to do this winter I decided Catalpa had to be inside. Indoor storage wasn’t an option, due to cost, so I’m building a shed over the boat. I debated over tents and other options but decided that a bow shed was a good option. I ordered plans from Stimson Marine. When done the shed is going to be 14′ x 32′. It’s basically a 12′ tall shed on top of a 2′ high knee wall. The yard is so out of level that the wall is nearly 4′ tall in the starboard aft quarter.



Motivational boat-building music

End of the Season

Catalpa is out of the water for the season. Normally we sail well into the fall but this year we decided to have the boat hauled early so I can get a bunch of work done on her. So here is Catalpa’s winter berth along side the vegetable garden and my shop. This is the first time we’ve stored the boat at the house. A little chainsaw work by me, some skillful truck driving by Davis and Tripp and she fits. Have plans to build a shed over the whole boat.



In The Beginning…

This is the weblog for Catalpa.

It’s been three years now that we’ve sailed her. During this time we’ve been slowly exploring Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound. We’ve made a number of upgrades and learned a bit about diesel engines and holding tanks. My hope in starting this blog is to have a place for friends and family to check in on some of our exploits. As I type this, summer is over and fall is on the way. I’ve got a lot of work to do on her this winter so I intend this blog to also be a record of that work.